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Peter Reason & Sarah Gillespie. (2019) On Presence: Essays | Drawings. Dartington, The Letter Press

Reason, P. (2017) In Search of Grace: An ecological pilgrimage. London: Earth Books.

Reason, P. (2014) Spindrift: A wilderness pilgrimage at sea. London: Jessica Kingsley (originally published by Vala Publications).

Reason, Peter and Melanie Newman, eds.(2013) Stories of the Great Turning. London, Jessica Kingsley (originally published by Vala Publications).

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

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The Signless Signpost. The Clearing, March 2018

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A Reflection in Liquid Pearl. Resurgence & Ecologist No.306 January/February (2018): 44.

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Listen, Little Man: Reflections one dark morning. Original Blessing: a creation spirituality network newsletter, 2(6), 6-8. (2000)



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